Case studies

Some of Damona's latest projects

Creating impact in nuclear

Through Damona’s past projects, you will be able to grasp what makes Damona unique. By combining their technical and business expertise in nuclear, our consultants have created long lasting impacts on nuclear organisations. Our projects are here to give you a glimpse of that.

For Damona’s consultant, each client is unique and must be treated as such. The approach changes for each project, ensuring Damona’s tailored methodology meets the client’s needs.

The activities featured are part of the latest projects undertaken by Damona. They cover a wide range of clients from micro Small and Medium Enterprises to large international corporations. It shows Damona’s consultants have the ability to blend in any environment to ensure the best outputs.

Some projects are more technical than others, such as when it comes to horizon scanning or support universities in understanding the different requirements to deploy technologies in an active environment. Others are completely business oriented, with market entry, growth strategies, Mergers & Acquisition due diligence and others.

This is page is regularly updated with Damona’s latest and most impactful projects. If you are looking for a specific capability that is not presented in these projects, do get in touch with Damona or visit the capabilities page. What you are looking for is mostly offered by Damona, if not we can recommend you one of our trusted partners with that specific capability you are seeking for.