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Supporting the nuclear industry

Consulting capabilities for nuclear

Our consultants specialise in mixing nuclear technical expertise with business and corporate knowledge. Throughout their experience, Damona has built a comprehensive know-how to support any business in the nuclear industry through fast-track market entry, due-diligence, insightful competitive analysis, cost-efficient development support, roadmap definition and many other skills.
Our capabilities cover a wide range of clients interested in getting insights in the nuclear industry:
- Large companies
- SME's
- Universities
- Policy makers
- Industry associations.



Damona's nuclear consultants combine both technical and corporate experience allowing them to run financial and operational due-diligence from a nuclear lens allowing vendors and buyers to get the right information at the right time.
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Market entry

Penetrating a new market requires a proper strategy beforehand. Damona brings value with tools such as market review, competitive analysis, go-to-market strategy to support its clients in successfully offering their product to the right customers.

Business development support

With a rapid evolving industry, support might be required to expand commercial activities. Our team is capable of following a predefined commercial plan to successfully identify the right local partners or stakeholders within nuclear sites, all in a cost-efficient way.
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Technology development advisory

Having a product with a TRL above 5 does not mean it will be a market success in the nuclear industry. Damona advises R&D teams to steer a product development towards the needs of the nuclear sector. Bringing fast-track strategies and roadmaps.

Strategy advisory

Once a technical roadmap and business plan has been laid out, an external review with a fresh look is often valuable. Through Damona's nuclear expertise, any strategy can be reviewed to ensure the highest success rate in execution and delivery.
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Technology scouting

Through Damona's spin-off inTechBrew, COTS innovative technologies are curated with use cases in active environment to bring technical solutions directly to those who need the most. More information on

Our values

Each project is tailored to the client's needs and size to ensure the best possible output to any type of project

Our staff is coming from the nuclear industry and has the technical understanding to deliver any business project

Projects evolve over time and consultants have the ability to adapt to deliver the expected outcomes

Our teams have the capability to execute their recommandations either internally or with trusted partners