ITER workshop facilitation

Over the course of 2023, the European Commission has been organising visits in ITER for high school teachers. The objective is to show firsthand the ITER site so teachers can promote STEM across the classes.

Every quarter, a visit is organised, split as follow:

  • Site visit;
  • Introduction of the engineering behind it;
  • The work done by the Fusion For Energy;
  • A workshop on how to teach about fusion to teachers.

A consultant from Damona has been involved in the last workshop, crafting and managing the workshop. The activities executed ranged from brainstorming to managing groups of teachers – totalising 40 people – and summarising the different ideas suggested by the teachers.

At Damona, we extremely value those kinds of assignments as we believe in the importance of promoting science and STEM associated roles. This project completed in September 2023 is a strong example on how Damona tries to be involved in social value opportunities.


Project Info