Market analysis

Detailled definition and presentation of the French nuclear market for a British customer developing innovative robotics and radiometric technologies. The client was interested in entering the French market after initial discussions and on-site trials with EDF and CEA a few years before.

After defining the value proposition of the company through a set of interviews across the whole management team, Damona provided a comprehensive market study of the French market.

The market study provided the following information:

  • History of the French nuclear sector;
  • Regulatory aspects with differences compared to the UK approach;
  • Key players such as SLC‘s and Tier 1;
  • Key sites and associated buildings with their state of operation;
  • On-going projects and expected development.

This work, in conjunction with a specific go-to-market strategy developed by Damona, helped the client to assess the required effort to enter the French market.

Consecutively, the client was able to target the right stakeholders with Damona’s team, building a comprehensive strategy and optimising resources.

Project Info