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Damona's inception came from the need to combine business knowledge with a deep understanding of nuclear technicalities. Combining both capabilities pushes us every day to solve business challenges from SME's, corporations, associations, universities and policy makers and to bring them the highest professional nuclear consultancy.

Entrusting consultants from Damona allow business to release pressure on their teams, get external advice, leverage on different professional networks, investigate new ventures and strategies. All of this whilst having consultants that are fully integrated within the clients' teams.

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Our team of nuclear experts has years of technical and business experience in our industry

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Decades of expertise

Damona's drive is to combine business knowledge with technical expertise in the nuclear sector. Acknowledging the uniqueness of the industry, any business decision has to include safety, security and geopolitics considerations. Not accounting the technical specificities of the industry can derail entire strategies and put organisations at risk.

To that matter, our experienced consultants at Damona have the knowledge to analyse any nuclear-related business strategy, bringing the most tailored-support to our clients.

Our teams of consultants combine a wide range of expertise and capabilities. For each client, we handpick the best combination of consultants, offering a complementary team to support clients and to ensure a complete satisfaction in projects delivery.