Market assessment for disruptive technology

Damona provided its nuclear expertise to help a British university identify use cases for an innovative technology. This technology has a strong potential in decommissioning and maintenance activities. To that extent, Damona validated the nuclear sector as a relevant market by executing the following activities:

  • Market estimation in terms of volume and associated revenues;
  • Definition of a go-to-market strategy;
  • Interviews with end-users/ on-site staff to define various relevant use cases;
  • Definition of ideal customer personae in the nuclear sector;
  • High level safety analysis to define the different sub-systems requiring additional work to be more likely approved by the end-users safety teams;
  • Implementation of multiple business models to highlight strengths and witnesses of a potential business relying on their IP.

Since then, a company was incorporated leveraging the technology.

The thorough analysis helped the founders to better understand an industry they were not familiar with but also to appropriately direct funding to enter this market.

Project Info