Consortium due-diligence

A French university created an R&D consortium gathering more than 20 different laboratories from structural analysis, radiation sensor development all the way to economical studies and ergonomics. The objective of this consortium is to offer a comprehensive panel of expertise to support French and European nuclear decommissioning and dismantling.

A team of Damona’s consultants was tasked to perform a detailed due diligence of the consortium to understand which capabilities should be put forward and to which nuclear organisation.

To that extent, the consultants executed the following tasks:

  • Conducting interviews with all heads of laboratories involved in the consortium;
  • Analysing the most relevant capabilities offered by the laboratories;
  • Mapping all the previous R&D projects carried out by the laboratories;
  • Creating a matrix presenting the most relevant capabilities with the laboratories the most motivated to enter the nuclear market;
  • Linking relevant capabilities to existing challenges in the nuclear decommissioning sector.
Project Info