What drives us to support the nuclear sector

Nuclear energy has a role to play in decarbonising our world. With global warming becoming a pressing issue, our industry must be ready to tackle the challenge of a lifetime. To be the cornerstone of reducing carbon emissions, the nuclear industry has to be efficient in developing innovative technologies, controlling construction and managing correctly decommissioning projects and radioactive waste. Damona nuclear consultants brings the best of nuclear technical expertise with business knowledge to have the strongest impacts on companies from the sector.

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Damona nuclear consulting
Damona nuclear consulting
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Working with impact

At Damona, we believe nuclear energy is here for the long run with a wide range of new technologies on the rise, such as SMRs, GenIV reactors and other applications. Companies can be successful only if they master various skills outside technical capabilities: commercial, finance, accounting, business development, organisational strategy.

From time to time, companies in the nuclear field need external support to be able to growth, understand how to adapt to evolving market or to consolidate their current position.

With Damona, you will get this external vision, enabling companies interested in the nuclear sector to reach their targets and envision their future in a more sustainable way.