Market analysis & sizing of EU industrial heat market

Part of their activities, Damona is regularly involved in supporting SMR vendors across Europe. As some of those technologies are not focussed solely on electricity generation, additional markets must be investigated. The ultimate goal is leverage different verticals to contribute to reducing global warming.

One of those promising markets is industrial heat generation.

For a specific European vendor developing an SMR technology able to both produce heat and electricity, Damona has been assessing in details the EU industrial heat market, both today but also in 2050.

The study mainly focussed on the needs of industrial heat at a temperature below <250°C and identified the Total Addressable Market in terms of TWh, converting this value in number of reactors. Further, the market analysis also identified the key industrial sectors where industrial heat is the most necessary but also the easiest to enter in.

The information gathered in this study helped Damona’s client to get a better understanding at the existing market but also extract the most metrics to be presented in front of investors but also public authorities

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