Fund raising support

Raising equity for a company, no matter the size is critical. This is even more true when it comes to deep tech companies and those highly innovative startups in the nuclear sector.

Since its inception, Damona has been at the core of fund raising, leveraging its expertise in finance and wide network of investors interested in heavy industry and deep tech. Supporting a wide range of companies in pre-seed/ seed rounds, the consultants at Damona have executed the following tasks:

  • Production of financial models, with forecast and also sound valuation using tools such as DCF;
  • Production of teasers and pitch decks – both in English and French;
  • Roadshow preparation by using Damona’s internal investors database to select the most relevant to their clients – depending on Damona’s client, investors ranged from industrial corporations to Venture Capital;
  • Roadshow support by initiating first contacts with potential investors and support all the way to the term sheet.

This activity was done for multiple French startups from SMR vendors, robotic startups, radiometric and wireless sensors companies.

On average this type of work took 12 months+.

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