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Nathan, welcome to Damona !

Hi! I’m Nathan, a second-year student at Mines Saint Etienne school in France specialised in data science, AI and microelectronics, and this is one of my first professional experiences, here in Barcelona! I have a strong interest for the nuclear field; I am of those who believe it to be essential to lead a proper ecological transition and limiting CO2 emissions.

I discovered nuclear technology and its benefits at the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA in French), and since then, I have been convinced that I would love to work in this very particular field. At Damona I will do my best to improve existing computer systems, internal tools and contribute to my new team.

My passion was found two years ago, when I tried Việt Võ Đạo for the first time (not to worry I am unable to pronounce it correctly either). It is a Vietnamese martial art where we learn defense techniques as well as life principles. It’s the kind of sport where we can learn new techniques and practice katas together during international internships (you may see 50 – 100 people practicing together, and it’s beautiful). This is where I learned the value of teamwork and realised that I don’t want to work alone in the future.

I have studied all my life in France, near Marseille, so I jumped at the opportunity to undertake innovative missions abroad. I am ready to tackle new challenges and improve my skills, both professionally and personally. Barcelona is an incredible city! This experience is one I would recommend to you; I quickly made new friends and I am trying to learn Spanish… If I’m not yet ready to hold a full conversation , I hope to be soon.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Axel, who has helped me feel at home since my arrival, I will work hard to propose innovative solutions and be an asset here at Damona!

if you’d like to contact him please do not hesitate: Get In Touch – Damona | Strategy consulting | Nuclear industry