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For the past few years, mergers and acquisitions across the world are on the rise in the nuclear industry. Originally owned and developed by governments and their public policies, a shift has been seen where large public bodies have been carved out to form independent nuclear companies, joining national supply chains. Now is the time to look at M&A in nuclear.

Following the Fukushima nuclear accident, companies in the nuclear sector have been consolidated to face a lower demand in Uranium with the German phase out or the temporary shut down of the Japanese civil nuclear fleet.

With a rising number of shutdown of facilities, many conventional companies are now looking at entering the nuclear decommissioning and dismantling sector. Understanding how difficult the entry barriers are, many of them choose to acquire existing firms already part of the nuclear supply chain.

This can be seen as well in the new build sectors with nuclear projects in the UK with EDF and CGN, but also in emerging countries. The renewed interest in SMR (Small Modular Reactors) and AMR (Advanced Modular Reactors) makes the nuclear sector appealing again, with a steady rise of acquisitions and mergers to tackle national but also international projects.

At Damona, our consultants have experience in accompanying companies in the M&A process, all the way to operational and financial due-diligence and PMI (Post Merger Integration).

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Depending on which side of the process our clients are, our consultants are always putting forward their nuclear expertise to support them

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Selling an entire company or just a portion of it is part of a long term strategy. Our experienced consultants can help draft the strategy and collect the right documents to produce key materials for the research of a suitable buyer:

  • Teaser;
  • Information Memorandum;
  • Marketing material.

Leveraging on the consultants' experience, Damona also has the capability to assess the different offers and produce some insights on the buyers coming from the nuclear industry.

This approach offers piece of mind that the acquirer will be the right one.

Through Damona's wide range of experience, any buyer can have access to a deep analysis of the nuclear supply chain, allowing the buyer to find the right gem.

With access to Damona's latest market studies on nuclear such as new build or decommissioning, the clients get holistic insights to target the right sellers.

Mixing Damona's different capabilities, our consultants have knowledge to introduce the different parties, value the company in terms of operational, market but also financial potential. This include Discounted Cash Flow analysis, multiples and past transactions comparisons.

Working with us, as a small nuclear boutique assures our clients that they have the latest insights on nuclear to have a successful acquisition and a seamless Post Merger Integration.

Capitalise on our network

Through our experience and wide range of projects, we have a deep understanding of the nuclear supply chain and potential M&A opportunities

Clear deliverables

ExCom members can rely on Damona to have clear Information Memorandum, operational, market and financial analysis to get the right information to make informed decisions

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Our consultants understand how sensitive the clients' information are and offer full confidentiality. A confidentiality agreement is signed on all projects

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At Damona, we understand time is of the essence in an M&A process. Our consultants apply their nuclear expertise round the clock