Market entry approach

Successful implementation

Penetrating a new market is challenging. It is even harder in the nuclear industry. Many times, markets are already mature, with dedicated commercial routes. A successful market entry has to be thoroughly thought and planned. At Damona, our consultants leverage their nuclear expertise to ensure a long lasting implementation.
Damona's experts have developed a specific step-by-step strategy to ensure the clients are involved in all the key decisions and completely know the market they are targeting.
A precise approach is essential as most of the time, directly approaching SLC's will not work and carefully targeting the supply chain will be the key to success.

Macro market review

A comprehensive market review is produced to help the clients clearly understand the environment they want to target. A clear focus is put on the different nuclear sites, SLC's and the supply chain. The review is discussed with the clients to identify how to steer the market entry

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Definition of local needs

Our consultants deep dive in the target market and discuss with on-site technical staff to really understand their pain points and challenges. It helps the clients tailor their offer and value proposition

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Shortlist of stakeholders

Damona analyses the entire local supply chain and identify suitable candidates to distribute or buy the products, create partnerships or to be acquired. Discussions with this documents help refine the aspirations of the clients

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Go-to-market strategy

Leveraging on the different findings, Damona's consultants define a precise and step-by-step go-to-market strategy. Approved by the clients, it ensures a clear strategy to develop their activities

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Active prospection

Using the go-to-market strategy, Damona and the client's staff actively contact the identified local stakeholders. Damona supports the clients all the way to a contract agreement. With their internal capabilities, Damona also helps its clients in acquisitions, by running financial / operational due-diligences and suggesting a valuation (DCF / multiples ...)